Arleigh Greenwald

After many years of big brand marketing agency life, I stumbled upon the practice of user experience and user-centered design in 2013. This concept of designing for both the user and ultimate business goals was eye opening and helped me fall back in love with design and user testing.

Little did I know I was already practicing user experience design without knowing a practice and movement already existed. I had been building and designing experiences through A/B test, analytics, content creation and informational architecture for over 10 years in an agency silo. “UX” Design was told to me as something a graphic designer should be focused on, not an analyst or client services director.

Boy, were they wrong.

Since making this realization, I’ve become an obsessed with UX, usability, and front-end development. Even further, how they work hand in hand with marketing, sales, and building a valuable brand.

These days I am spending late nights taking design and front-end development courses online (follow my journey), reading every book I can get my hands on and network to put myself among the smartest people I can find. By day, I am trying to absorb as much as possible to apply it in my work at Bike Law.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of #UXlife and DO GOOD dreams. Make sure to connect with me on Twitter so we can get the conversation going.

Photo credit: Weldon Weaver